William MartinMy work is progressive.  Whether a sculpture, painting or drawing, one process leads to the next.  I won’t proceed until the step I’m on satisfies me.  I need to love it.  If I don’t love it, I keep working on it until I do.  Work that doesn’t quite measure up sets off a voice in me, one that I did not hear when I was younger.  Back then I loved everything that I did; I was convinced of my genius.  Now I’m convinced only that, with hard work, clear vision and that discriminating voice, I’m occasionally capable of wonderful art.

Thanks for taking the time to visit my website.  I’m currently living in Eugene, Oregon in an old farm house built in the 1890’s.

My current working media are wall hung sculpture, watercolor, and pastel.  I also do quite a bit of illustration and graphic design.  I’ve been at this for almost 40 years, and have been fortunate enough to show my work in galleries and museums all over the country.

If you are interested in anything you have seen here, call or email me.  These are only examples of a much larger collection.  I also enjoy working on commission.